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Propecia: In Men of a Certain Age It Offers Hope

There's an interesting quandary that usually hits men in mid- to late-middle-age and it is known as an enlarged prostate. It is almost always caused by an overproduction of testosterone (just because a man gets older doesn't mean his body shuts down) and it can lead not only to pain, but to, more seriously, prostate cancer.

How do you know if you have an enlarged prostate? The symptoms are pretty universal and include:

Several trips to the bathroom during the night

Difficulty in starting and passing urine

Tenderness in the groin area above the penis

Slow urine flow or multiple urine flows


If you have any of all of these symptoms you can be pretty certain that you have an enlarged prostate and the usual treatment for it is a course of propecia, or its generic version finesteride.

Truthfully, using this to fight an enlarged prostate is just about the only thing that it should be used for because it has some effects that, while not deadly, may make you wish you were.

Propecia pretty quickly reduces the size of the prostate by, working in concert with other drugs, shutting down your body's production of testosterone that is pretty much the only function of the prostate (that and arousal). There's a side effect and that is that by using propecia you can reverse one of the issues of overproduction of testosterone, male pattern baldness.

In many cases, practitioners have noted that hair begins to regrow on balding heads once propecia is used. And, while this may be great in the eyes of many people, there's a side effect that many people don't discuss. The longer you are on the drug the more likely you are to emerge with sexual problems from shriveling gonads to problems with premature ejaculation. And, this is only temporary as doctors only use propecia as one means of reducing the size of a man's enlarged prostate.

If left unchecked, enlarged prostate can bring on prostate cancer and all of the effects it brings with it, so propecia has a beneficial effect if used quickly (or as long as the doctor believes it is needed). It should be noted that propecia, if used against an enlarged prostate is used in combination with several other drugs that usually assure that while the size of the prostate shrinks, its ability to function normally is unimpaired.

That's the trouble with a drug like finesteride or propecia most people are used to the name because it helps to reduce male pattern baldness, a minor side effect, which only masks the real issues. As the size of the prostate drops, its ability to overproduce testosterone to make up for all of the testosterone it believed it should have been making in the first place becomes a life issue as it also helps some weight lifters and body shapers to add muscle mass quickly to their frames.

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In other most sports, this is known as doping and is several frowned upon. Doping doesn't come without risks that include total shrinkage of the gonads, the inability of your testes to produce sperm, ejections that are larger and can be more painful and the like.

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The question you have to ask yourself, is this, is this worth it? Propecia, by itself, does work and as finesteride is used by body-builders, weight lifters to build muscle mass. Unfortunately, the risks are just not worth the rewards.